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The Purpose of this Website

Black people have been involved in Science Fiction and Fantasy for several centuries. When you think of Jules Verne think of the Black writers at that time who produced speculative fiction. In the 1930s when Flash Gordon dominated audience's imaginations, we had a Black doctor in Harlem building death ray weapons and plotting to take over the world to save African civilization. Our stories, our myths, our religious beliefs and our politics influence our day-to-day interactions.

This website was create to explore and celebrate the AFROCentric influence on speculative fiction from the 19th century into the 21st. Our stories are important. The fantasties we create have shaped the modern world. Young  and older people are entertained, enlightened, and empowered by the visions of AFROFuturism.

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We are all African. Anyone can be a part of this AFROFuturism movement. There is no fee involved. We welcome comments, discussion, announcements of new books, videos, graphic arts, etc. This is our time to shine.

Who We Are

We are AFROFuturists. We believe that science fiction, graphic arts, fantasy filled with with people of color acting as central characters can inspire and infuence young and older people to build a better, more diverse future. A future where everyone can succeed.

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Our purpose

We want to spread the word and encourage more potential and existing writers, artists and producers to bring forth speculative fiction with a different face in books, movies, and music.

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