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Readers are constantly seeking new venues to explore. AFRO Speculative fiction offers a variety of genres -- new and old -- to jump into. Sword and Soul, Steamfunk, Black Weird West and other themes are available. Here you can immerse yourself in yarns about stoic African warriors, empires created by people of color, Nubian mad scientists creating fantastic machines, escaped captives in the deep south plotting revenge using steampunk technologies, the descendents of Shaka Zulu slicing off pieces of America, simple farmers who unearth alien weapons to fight back the European colonizers and whatever the writers of AFROFuturism can conceive.

These black fantastic speculations are available to everyone. All you need is an open mind and an open book (or powered-up e-reader). The library changes frequently and new recommendations will occur. Join the Free mailing list for regular announcements.

Reading AFROCentric

Many people ask, "Why AFROCentric Science Fiction?" The are many answers; perhaps the most relevant one goes something like this: "For years, a young African American male fantasized about building rockets and exploring space. His inspiration came from old copies of pulp magazines, used comic books, Saturday morning sci-fi TV serials and movies. But he noticed that there weren't many people of color in the future. Not even the first Star Wars movie had any Black people. In visions of the heroic past, there were Greek icons such as Hercules; thundering gods such as the golden haired Thor. And, there was John Carter of Mars and Tarzan of the Apes. Apparently, black people performed no great deeds of valor in antiquity or off planet Earth. So, the young man began to write his own fantasy stories about the people surrounding him."

AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology by Stafford Battle

AFROFUturistic short stories: Black cowboys use African magic to tame the old west. A Yankee reporter discovers his roots in an African tree demon. A boy follows his aunt through different dimensions as she seeks her lover. A colony on a distant planet revolts against Earth.

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Abengoni: First Calling by Charles Saunders

Charles Saunders, the grandmaster of Sword and Soul, offers an epic fantasy filled with magic, empires and warriors.

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