h AFROFuturism


What does this mean and why is it so very important?

Defining AFROFuturism

Ask any three avid "Black Sci-Fi readers" what AFROFuturism is and you will get distinct and different responses:

A) AFROFuturism invokes sci-fi writing, music, art, dance and multimedia with people of color as the focus.

B) Black power where Africa rules the world is not the sole objective. Nor is AFROFuturism "race neutral" where skin color doesn't matter to succeed. It is not a bland, homogenous sameness. Speculative creators conceive contrasting elements that work harmoniously to build a stronger "whole" for our prodigy who will see "racial conflicts" differently -- if at all.

C) Cultural, intellectual and physical differences are essential to societal advancement today and in the future. A mashup of physiology, gender, religious beliefs, age and emotional perspectives are incorporated into novels and short stories with cultural diverse characters in prominent roles in plot development and final reconciliation (See Delany's "Nova"). Music and dance express fantastic opportunities to free our mind and allow other bodily parts to follow (George Clinton, 1970). AFROFuturism is not new; it has been found in books & short stories, graphic novels & comics, portraits & posters, music, dance, short film & feature length movies for more than a century.

There is one basic theme: using artistic innovation to redefine world history and bring into being an empowering future embracing multiculturalism. Speculative fiction, digital arts and performance can inspire anyone of African descent to achieve greater in their own lives.

Social Evolution

As the world changes, we must speculatate on how we best can survive with these strange new modifications. Some of these changes may seem at first uncomfortable but the end result may be fantastic. We will gain abilities and new perspectives that our honored ancestors would have considered to be godlike.

How it started

Born in 1859, Pauline Hopkins help to open the gates of AFROFuturism. She was a talented entertainer, writer and editor who ued fantastic themes to expose the fallacies of race in the modern world. Her novel covers a wide turf including masquerading as an aristocratic whiteman, embracing mysticism, discovering lost worlds and pushing past the frontiers of modern science.

See the Architects of AFROFuturism

Where Are We Going?

Forget about "Moore's Law" that predicted fantastic increases in computer tech every two years or less. Now, a single modern smartphone has more computational resources than the entire NASA Apollo program that landed astronaunts on the moon back in 1969.

The Voyager spacecrafts are racing into interstellar space with ancient "cave-man" electronics. To its credit, the Voyager endeavor is still functioning and sending signals back to earth. We are actively exploring the universe with stone knives. What can we expect in the next few years as our tech improves? We can "speculate" via AFROFuturism as well as other venues.

Hopefully, despite, damaging gender bias, slanted divisions of money resources and abysimal racial discord perpetuated by petty financial greed, humans will continue to evolve and explore.